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Ron Shufflebarger, Fine Woodworker:

Builds and works with almost all furniture, cabinets, and display fixture items both commercial and residential.

Does repair and refinement of antique furniture, always with the goal of retaining the look and function that makes it


Designs pieces to fit the client's actual needs in function and appearance.

Works with most styles and periods of furniture.  Though Stickley, Macintosh and Danish are favorites, he has done

   many Southwestern, Victorian, Early American, Oriental, and Shaker pieces.

Works with all species of wood, preferring domestic species because of environmental reasons.

Also works with plastic laminate, manmade sheet goods, and detail work with brass, contrasting inlay, and leather.

Makes shop/approval drawings for reference and for the client to see at no charge (for those jobs which entail a

   large amount of time, a price will have to be negotiated).

Will go to the client's home to see styles that are present in order to compliment, get measurements, and possibly

   add to the functionality of a piece.

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