Ron Shufflebarger

I am a native of Kansas, raised on small NE Kansas farm, served in U.S. Army in Germany and a veteran of Viet-Nam.  Met my wife of 35 years in Wichita, Kansas, and we have two grown daughters and four extra special grandchildren.  Spent 15 years selling building materials as a wholesaler, jobber, contractor salesman, and also selling pre-engineered steel buildings.

I have been around a lot of residential and light commercial construction but I know no one who knows it all, we all learn as we go.  Built ourselves one of the first bermed earth homes in Cowley County, during our "mother earth period," which worked well with a wood stove as the only heat source and no AC.

In 1981 I decided to find something to call my own and moved my family to North Bennington, Vermont where I attended Ian Kirby's Fine Woodworking & Design Studio.  We returned to Kansas and in 1985 someone offered me a commission; I haven't looked back.  I have worked as a one man shop for the past 20 years and plan to keep it that way.


Fine furniture elves make very little money (we work for cookies) but my wife has been very supportive of me and together we raised our two daughters and are enjoying a wonderful and full life.  In addition to the Flint Hills, I love bicycling, ridden 35,000 miles in the last 10 years, and photography which I abandoned for a time but have taken back up to join in on the digital revolution.  I find great satisfaction in really trying to see.  I work very hard at being an upright human being who takes his world citizenship very seriously: all of this with very measured and limited success.  I expect to be designing, building, and repairing furniture for many years to come, but it's kinda odd to be one of the last elves standing.

Please call and let's chat!

I have just set up an online gallery for some of my photos.  It'll take time to get what I want and to work some themes I would like to follow.  I'll be changing and adding on an on-going basis so check back if interested and email me your shots and lets share what we saw.

Visit www.pbase.com/ron9ron

and feel free to make comments, good or bad.  You may also want to take some time and look at the pbase site, there are hundreds of galleries and most will take your breath away... have fun!

If I were to pick a statement that I would like to live up to, it is the following:

"It is not for him to pride himself who loveth his own country, but rather for him who loveth the whole world.  The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."



If you would like to know more, click on www.bahai.org

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